We offer the resources necessary to develop your ideas, from the initial design to the final product using a personalized approach, continuous attention and follow-up at each step. With a stand-out personalized service, we adapt quickly and efficiently to our clients projects and budgets.


We create, manage and produce all graphic and digital material to enable your company to communicate effectively, make a name for itself, improve its image or increase sales. We achieve this in a profitable and effective manner by incorporating the design into your company’s activity serving as a key to success in your business strategies.


Our services are:
Production of technical and general content.
Design and publishing.
Photomecanics and printing.
Local and nacional distribution.
Centauro Multimedia Services
Audiovisual Production
Content Distribution and Marketing
Advertising and Media
Web Creation and Design
Call Centre
Multichannel Platform - Routing Manager - Audits Centre
All Messenger Services - SMS Push

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