At Centauro Multimedia , thanks to our privileged position in communication and audiovisual circles, we can get any product on the market quickly (Mobile, Television and Web).


Content marketing channels:
Content promotion in the media. (Television, Radio, Press, Web, ...)
Own promotions in paid advertising space .... At the moment our platform manages 1.800.000 SMS PREMIUM/MONTH.
WAP portal integration with the top national operators (Movistar, Vodafone, Amena).
Direct channel with the country’s main SMS PREMIUM platforms.
Through distributors and wholesalers.


Centauro Multimedia services for content supliers:
Connectivity and payment models in Spain.
The supplier will be able to serve spanish users in their web portals.
Payment Models:
- Sms Premium
- Special rate 905 lines
- On-line payment gateways
WAP and web portals:
We can offer our suppliers web and WAP portals in order to market them in key countries. With WAP portals, we can provide invoice data as proof of its success with operators such as Movistar and Vodafone.
Centauro Multimedia Services
Audiovisual Production
Publishing Works
Advertising and Media
Web Creation and Design
Call Centre
Multichannel Platform - Routing Manager - Audits Centre
All Messenger Services - SMS Push

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